109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life

The oldest woman in Scotland was called Jessie Gallan. She was 109 years old. In this interview, she claims that she had a secret to her longevity, even though many people would find it funny or they won’t think it’s true.

Mrs. Gallan claims that it’s very important to eat porridge for breakfast every morning, but the most necessary thing is NOT to have a man in your life!

According to her, men only make our lives shorter! Actually, many women think this is true! She also claims that they cause more trouble than you can imagine and they’re not worth it.

Mrs. Gallan has never been married and she was an independent woman throughout her whole life. She left her home when she was 13 and has worked hard ever since. She also claims that she used to go on holidays very rarely.

In her latest years, she was in a nursing home where everybody loved her. Everyone thought that she was simply marvelous!
Unfortunately, Mrs. Gallan passed away a while after this interview was taken.
Take a look at the video and hear her wisdom!

Article and image source: checkthesethings.com