The Amazing Results When You Wrap Your Feet In Cabbage Leaf!

Surely you are asking many questions regarding the topic of the day, wrap your feet in cabbage leaf . What are the results? What happens? The answers to these questions are shown below, so do not miss it.

The green cabbage is a vegetable native to southern and central Europe. It belongs to the family of crucifers that are widely known for their abundance in health benefits. It is also known as cabbage or cabbage , and it is a delicious food with great nutritional value.

This well-known vegetable has an excellent source of vitamins C, K and B1, B2, B6, potassium, dietary fiber , folic acid, copper and manganese. In addition, it is rich, protein, phosphorus, calcium, iron, choline, magnesium, pantothenic acid and niacin.

There are many home remedies that use the particular leaves of cabbage for many health ailments. It is used in traditional medicine for sprains, strains, inflammation and ulcers.

Thanks to its patent anti-inflammatory properties cabbage leaves or cabbage have been used to relieve joint pain caused by arthritis or sports injuries. Effective cabbage leaves have been used in natural medicine as a cheap and natural remedy to treat pain and joint inflammation.

Because it is considered a part of alternative medicine as a natural way to alleviate pain, many people suffering from arthritis use cabbage leaf to reduce the consumption of medications.

Benefits If You Wrap Your Feet In Cabbage Leaf

Cabbage leaves for the drop
Many people who suffer from gout ensure that if you wrap your feet in cabbage leaf you can reduce or eliminate the pain of gout. Just place a few cabbage leaves in the freezer in a plastic bag.

When the pain occurs, place the leaves of cabbage or cabbage around the affected area. Wrap a towel around and let the natural heat heat the leaf.

Cabbage leaf for joint pain

In a well-known Swiss hospital patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis wrap swollen joints with cabbage leaf, leave them overnight to relieve pain and swelling.

For this treatment doctors take several cabbage leaves, place them on a cutting board and hit with a rolling pin so that they begin to release their juices. Then, they place the leaves in the swollen joints, wrap the joints with gauze bandages. If you wrap your feet in cabbage leaf should provide great relief.

Cabbage leaf for swollen feet

If you suffer from constant pain due to inflammation, just wrap your feet in cabbage leaf so you can have relief. The cabbage has excellent water absorption qualities and extract excess liquid in the feet.

Take some white or green cabbage leaves, take them to the freezer, let them cool, but still be flexible. Wrap your swollen foot and sit with your feet elevated for 30 minutes.


If you wrap your feet in cabbage leaves and notice any allergies or itching, remove the leaves immediately. There are very few cases that when placing the cabbage poultice effects are noticed, but if the note quickly suspends its use and attends a doctor.