Green Beret And Father Suffers Devastating Injury Overseas

A young father was on patrol with his fellow soldiers when they suffered an attack. Tragically, the Green Beret Matt suffered the loss of his limb.

From the family’s GoFundMe:

“To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know.”

During period of darkness 24 – 25 January, while on a dismounted patrol, a Green Beret’s life was forever changed. We ask the world of our Uniformed Services and even more of the brave warriors serving the Special Operation’s Command. All too often these soldier’s dedicate their lives to their chosen profession, silently sacrificing their best years for a country they love and principles they value.

It is not only the sacrifice that they endure, but the burden their families carry each and every day. A young wife and mother, who heads every decision while her husband is away, laying awake at night praying for his return, anxiously watching the news, waiting for the phone to ring.

These are fears and sacrifices so few truly understand. As the protected, we have a duty to see to the well-being of those we ask to go into harms way, a duty to their family and loved ones.

Matt is a graduate of Kennesaw State University, where he not only studied but devoted himself to acting as an after-school administrator at the Shreiner Academy. He planned, organized, and directed summer camp curriculums for over 100 children in grades 2 through 8.

After graduating with honors, Matt would continue to serve, becoming a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. He served on multiple combat deployments and received numerous awards for exceeding course standards and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Perhaps his greatest achievement of all, Matt is a loving husband and brand new father. Now, having lost his right leg in the service of his country, he will begin charting a new course.

It is now, in his family’s time of need, we must carry out our sacred duty to these warriors. Matt will be far from home and friendly faces as he undergoes numerous surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation. As the protected and friends of Matt, we are organizing funds to ensure his family’s ability to travel and spend time by his side. Easing their financial burden, if even only by a small amount, may serve to lessen their stress during this emotionally taxing time.”